In order to treat your condition effectively, the stage or degree of progression of your cancer must be determined. At the Prostate Center LLC, we utilize specific protocols for low risk patients, intermediate and high risk patients, as well as for those patients having local failure (recurrence) after external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) alone or seed implantation alone. These protocols are:


Eligibility criteria for patients receiving seed implantation alone include:

  • clinical stage T1/ T2 prostate carcinomas
  • PSA less than 10ng/ml
  • Gleason score less than or equal to 6 (sometimes a Gleason score of 7 will qualify)


Those patients who have a greater tendency for microscopic extracapsular extension that will require intensity modulated, high energy photon therapy (IMRT) directed to the prostate and periprostatic tissue, and possibly lymph node sampling prior to seeding:

  • clinical stage greater than or equal to T2B
  • PSA greater than or equal to 10ng/ml
  • Gleason score greater than or equal to 7
  • perineural invasion or other adverse prognostic pathology features


Those patients who underwent primary treatment with conventional EBRT or seed implant alone who are eligible for salvage of an initial failure after extensive workup ruling out gross extracapsular extension or distant metastasis.

Staging workup may include:

  • pathologic biopsy confirming location, volume of cancer
  • prostate ultrasound using spectral color flow doppler
  • PSA (using the most sophisticated assays available)
  • CT (helical) or MRI (3T or greater)
  • bone scan
  • prostascint
  • RT-PCR (when available), BioStage
  • digital rectal exam (DRE)
  • pathologic slide review

(note) many of the above staging studies may also be utilized for low-risk, intermediate and high-risk evaluation