When you or someone you love is diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is important that you seek out the highest quality care that will create the best survival chances possible, while simultaneously allowing the achievement of the greatest quality of life. We, the physicians of The Prostate Seed Center LLC, are committed to the aforementioned principles of cancer therapy, specifically with prostate cancer.

Since completion of my residency and brachytherapy fellowships at Stanford University in 1985, I have performed thousands of radiation isotope implants to the brain, eye, head and neck area, chest and lung, pancreas, liver, pelvic region(including gynecologic and gastrointestinal tumors) and, of course prostate cancer. With the extensive experience gleaned from performing these radiation implants, I introduced the new procedure of ultrasound guided radioactive seed implants to the prostate gland to the Denver area in 1994.

Working with urologists of The Prostate Seed Center LLC, I have been able to expand our program dramatically and exponentially over the past fifteen years to our present level of activity. We have developed a new painless, safe and accurate biopsy technique whereby we map the prostate precisely using MRI/ultrasound fusion technology and an interstitial perineal template. Hundreds of patients are treated per year with seed implants that are themselves targeted with MRI/ultrasound fusion technology. Consequently, Front Range Radiation Oncology, P.C. and The Prostate Seed Center LLC comprise one of the most active and advanced seed implant programs in the country. Urologists participate from Nebraska to Aspen and all along the Front Range.

The geographically wide representation of urology combined with our experienced radiation oncology team create an unsurpassed level of prostate cancer care in the state of Colorado. We have created this website to briefly describe a radiation therapy procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer and to introduce you to our team. We appreciate your interest in The Prostate Seed Center LLC. Please feel free to call us at anytime if you have any further questions.